Oh hayyy. I’m Aubry.
I’m a sassy wife living a sassy life.


Someday I will write a proper biography of interesting facts on this page, but that someday is certainly not today.

My blog has morphed into something I update simply whenever I feel like it. I write whatever the heck I want with absolutely no direction or decided purpose to it.

I am honored and humbled by my loyal blog audience of ten (you know who you are).

A little bit about me: I am the Director of Development for a Catholic diocese in MN, which means I am in charge of raising the dolla dolla bills, y’all, because dat money don’t grow on trees. I am working on a Masters in Theology (perpetually) at the Augustine Institute. I am a woman of the world whose final destination is not of it. And as my husband puts it so eloquently, I happen to love all things watermelon, coconut, and tequila.

Carry on, my darlings…