by Aubry Rose

Death is a strange thing, isn’t it? It is a mysterious cycle that life takes us on.

Death has been no stranger to my family this past year. My parents were in a near-fatal car accident in the spring, my grandfather passed away in the summer, and my grandmother in the fall. Two dear family friends succumbed to cancer. For that reason, it has been something I have reflected on many a time recently. The great value of each life, the deep emptiness that accompanies loss.

One day when Max and I were talking about the act of dying, he said something that really stuck out to me. He thoughtfully mused, “I think that death will be similar to being born.” Of course we don’t remember it, but we can surmise what that feels like for a baby fresh out of the womb — the feeling of familiarity as you hear your mother’s soothing voice yet complete bewilderment as to what just happened and where you are.

As Christians we believe that life doesn’t end after death, but that the fullness of life begins.

PS this is an epic book by Peter Kreeft on ‘death’