by Aubry Rose

Renewal: the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again

I have never before chosen a word for the year, but thanks to the Holy Spirit, this one felt so right. (Thanks for the inspiration, Alyssa!)

2015 was a beautiful year full of so many blessings, but it was one full of many challenges. It was a year of loss for our family, but also a celebration of life. There were stresses with job transitions for my husband. Perhaps the hardest thing was that it felt like a year that took its toll on my body. You would think that endless doctor visits and holistic experiments would do the opposite, but instead I found that magnified focus on my health caused more anxiety than anything. I’ve struggled to trust the Lord and snuggle in close to him through prayer time.

But here’s the thing.

We have already had amazing blessings pour out upon us, and it’s only the second week of 2016! Jobs have landed in my husband’s lap from the heavens. We made a much-needed transition to a bigger apartment. It has a bedroom, y’all! Everlane accidentally credited me with too much money in my account so they let me splurge fo’ free. Qdoba gave us free meals. And best of all – Our Lady of Guadalupe is gifting us with a trip to see her in Mexico City in the spring!

See what I mean?! As my mom said, “When it rains, it pours!”

It’s time to renew my faith in the Lord. To make more time for prayer. To be disciplined and take care of my body. To challenge myself at work. To revel in the blessings we have rather than focus on what we want. What I want from this year is to be made strong again. And by golly, it’s gonna happen!

Here’s to the Year of Renewal. Saint John Paul II, pray for me!