by Aubry Rose

I am certainly not promoting this because I want everyone to listen to me babble for an hour (because it’s a little embarrassing), but I am promoting it because I sincerely love the work these ladies are doing.

Brigid and Elise out in Washington DC have teamed up with a new initiative called Caritas Podcast. It is a podcast geared towards real conversations about living out faith in an increasingly secular world. They are just getting started and I wish them many years of life in this journey. I have no doubt it will be a witness and a form of strength for all who are trying to live in the world but not of it. I was super honored they asked me to speak with them.

I talk about things such as: my vocation, Lady Guadalupe setting me up on a blind date, walking the Camino, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, and more.

Check it out here! And yes, I know my Minnesotan accent is ridonkulous.

Links to go along with my words:
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