by Aubry Rose

Very Random Musings edition One:

  1. My Grandpa Pinky passed away about a month ago, and the local newspaper ran the sweetest article.
  2. One of my favorite brands, AllSaints, just launched the most ridiculous handbag collection. I need this one. In Midnight Blue. Cough cough Max cough
  3. My friend Katrina created a to-die-for Etsy shop called Hatch Prints. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Another creative soul, Lauren Michele Art, sent me the most beautiful sketch of me on my wedding day. I am so obsessed and it would make the most perfect gift for a bride. Check out her artwork! I want everything.
  5. Completely loving Alina Baraz. She pops up on my Pandora like there’s no tomorrow, and everytime a song of hers comes on I go, “Dang who sings that? I love it!” and click that cute little blue thumbs up button.