by Aubry Rose

Hi. I took a hiatus. It was nice. I might take another one but for now I’m back! I also changed my layout. Let me know what you think of it! I’m queen of a lot of things but of blogging I’m not; therefore, I don’t really care very much about perfecting the design and dats totally a-okay by me. In fact, I’m probably going to change it again. WHAT-EV-A.

I’m coming up to my one year wedding anniversary, and in this short amount of time, I have discovered one of the most ridiculous parts of marriage that most couples of 50 years would also hold to be true: the ridiculous arguments part.

This video? It’s real, peoples.

My husband and I have narrowed it down and decided that our most ridiculous argument thus far into our marriage is the night of the infamous tuna fingers. It happened a couple months into our marriage and went something like this:

A: I’m happy to make your lunches but if you want a tuna sandwich you are going to have to make that yourself. *plugs nose*

(Max goes to make sandwich. He then comes over to show Aubry a video he is excited about and tries to take her laptop)

A: Ew! Your fingers stink! Don’t touch my computer! Did you wash your hands?

M: My hands don’t smell! You’re smelling the tuna in my mouth!

A: Your hands definitely smell like tuna. That’s what happens when you open a can of tuna with your hands!

M: They do not! I don’t need to wash my hands!

A: Please go wash your hands

(Max goes to wash his hands, doesn’t use soap)

A: Did you use soap?

M: Grumble grumble my fingers don’t stink!

A: Yes they do!

M: No they don’t!

(Getting increasingly annoyed with each other)

A: Give me my computer back!

M: My fingers don’t stink! And I wanted to show you a video!

… So, yes. Ridiculous arguments.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.