by Aubry Rose

My dear friend over at a much-more established blog than mine, and of course a personal favorite, did the most adorable post and I had to copy!  This was also good for me because I have a pea-brain memory and had already forgotten about many a thing that happened in 2014. This was a good year.



With just a few of the kiddos. What a stud

January was a somewhat crazy month. Right before, I got engaged and moved back to MN from Denver. Then, I hopped on a plane to Florida to spend some time nannying an incredibly special family, popped over to San Antonio for a wedding of a college friend (and they just celebrated their one year anniversary – yay!), and then flew to the East Coast to continue nannying that special fam until the end of the month. Plus wedding planning began along with my online Masters classes. Whoof. But boy oh boy was it a fun month that included my man coming to visit me while I was in the NY area to traipse around with me in my old stomping grounds (including a date to the ABC Kitchen – uggh I die) and hang out with my BFFs.


Legit have no pictures from February so here's my hedgie who passed away in 2014. RIP Bricco. You were my little prince.

Legit have no pictures from February so here’s my adorable baby hedgie who passed away in 2014. RIP Bricco. You were my little prince.

Not really sure what took place in February because I seem to have narry a photo. Time to do some investigating. BRB. I think it probably consisted of driving back and forth from Minneapolis for my fiancé and me because that’s where he was located while I was two hours north. It was a month chock-full of Masters classes, marriage prep, and wedding planning. Actually, now I remember. February was a very difficult month. Max and I went on a marriage retreat at the Josephinum Seminary in Ohio with the priest who married us, and that was a REAL blessing. Maybe I should do a blog post sometime on how engagement is really not a piece of cake, and not to fear if yours has a few minor major bumps along the way. That being said, the retreat was very providentially timed, and Max and I continued trekking forward to the altar 😉


Driving up to the glorious mountains of Big Sky

Driving up to the glorious mountains of Big Sky

It was another month chock-full of trying to balance Pinterest wedding browsing and my Masters classes 😉 It meant more  marriage prep. BTW – can I recommend you this read? It included the sweetest engagement party ever. I also went on a snowboarding trip with my dad, brother, and sister-in-law out to Big Sky with my dad’s college buddies which was a BLAST. Seriously, road tripping in a tricked-out soccer mom van is the best. Thanks, Veronika and Stefan!



April was the month my semester ended so PRAISE the Lord that was a great feeling to not have to balance many very important things anymore. We also got engagement pictures taken (by Mad Chicken Studio) which was supa dupa fun! Good ol’ Duluth – our engagement pictures in April consisted of a fresh layer of snow. Ha.



Oh, May. You were a good one. I was spoiled and loved by three bridal showers (one called a spiritual shower thrown by my ma and sis – so special). My sister had a concert at which she allowed my lovely rapper fiancé to guest star. Lots of quality family time took place. Lots of quality wedding planning happened. Lots of quality wedding dress alterations took place 🙂 My Camino counterpart and BFF had a baby named Theodora which was – oh my – ICING ON THE CAKE!

June: aka the BEST MONTH EVER


June was the month I married and became one with the most wonderful man who washes dishes like an angel, gives me back rubs all the time, leads us in a rosary each night, reads Fulton Sheen just for kicks, starts every morning with prayer time, raps in the shower and everywhere else you can think of, and can do a mad twerk. Yes, June was a very good month.


IMG_9821 - Version 2

Eek! Last name change! Still getting used to that.

July was the month Max and I settled into Northern MN to make it home. God wants us here for now, or maybe forever, and provided Max with a new job here. So we moved into my parent’s house this month while we waited for our apartment to be renovated. This was the month of 3 married couples (my sis and her husband too) living under one roof and it was AWESOME. My dad would probably disagree but only a little 😉 We also went to a wedding at Notre Dame of a college friend of mine, which is where I first encountered my new name change! WEIRD!


My birthday gift. Inside read,

My birthday gift. Inside read, “Will you be my Godparents?”

We moved into our new little teeny tiny apartment which was very exciting and something I had been looking forward to for a long time. There’s just something about making your new home with your new husband that is incredibly special. This month was my birthday, and I received the most wonderful birthday present ever. My sister asked Max and me to be little baby in the belly’s Godparents! I melted into a pile of happy mush.


Bebe with her Godparents

Bebe with her Godparents

MY SISTER HAD HER BEBE THIS MONTH! Little Agnes Rosemary arrived and we immediately became best pals. I mean, honestly. There is nothing not to love about that baby. I’ll have to seek permission from Danielle to post a few outrageously cute videos of that babe on here so we can share her cuteness with the whole world. It would just be unfair to keep to ourselves.


Checking out Auntie Danielle and Uncle Mitchell's new land

Checking out Auntie Danielle and Uncle Mitchell’s new land

October was very fun. The whole family accompanied my sister to her concert up in even MORE Northern Minnesota, and we all sang with her (or rapped, in Max’s case.) It was a blast. There was also some good nephew time, a lot of pushing-niece-in-a-stroller-to-nap time, and a successful job interview.


The treasure who set Max and I up

The treasure who set Max and I up. Pray for her as she wades through the waters of engagement!

November was the month I started a new job! God really pulled out all the bells and whistles for this one. He provided an amazing job as the Director of Development for the Diocese of Duluth (aka anything having to do with raising funds – that’s me). I feel so blessed to have this job for many many reasons. Max and I had a fun Thanksgiving break with his family, and also went to a wedding, where we got to see many wonderful people, including the gem who set us up and is now engaged herself!!



Attempting to host a Guadalupe party in our amazingly teeny apartment

December included an Our Lady of Guadalupe party, Agnes Rosemary giggles, and our first married Christmas.

I’d say it was a very good year.