by Aubry Rose

Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to be in awe and possibly even let a few tears escape whilst you view the video linked below.

Presenting Danielle Rose’s new music video, “Little Flower,” which radiates God’s love for people often considered to be of little value. In China, this mindset has led to a social crisis in the form of the One-Child Policy. In collaboration with Spirit Juice Studios, “Little Flower” was filmed on location in China with the children of China Little Flower orphanage in order to help build a culture of life. 

Danielle Rose, my sparkling taste-of-Heavenly-being sister, has just released her first official music video, which is REALLY EXCITING! And so as to not go on and on and on and on about the awesomeness of my sister like I did here, I am going to stick to the point. The video.

Danielle led a small team of us to China in May of 2012 (because as soon as my sister said she was going to China, I was like, um yes hi hello I’m coming too. So I did.) That also happened to be the trip that facilitated Sir Cupid shooting his arrow into a man that would soon become her husband.

We went to China together to accomplish two things: visit a Christian family-run orphanage that Danielle’s music ministry had been supporting, and film a music video for a song off of her Culture of Life album. Both were accomplished with flying colors thanks to many Memorares and minor miracles.

I am so excited to shout from the rooftops this labor of love video is finally finished thanks to the incredible work of Rob over at Spirit Juice Studios. It truly is a beautiful piece of art.


And for fun: this awesome behind-the-scenes!