by Aubry Rose

Two really cute babies in my life right now that I really just can’t get enough of. I have approximately 5000 photos of them both and 5 hours of video footage but I’ll keep myself restrained and only include a couple.


Remember Mikey and Elyssa from the Camino? Yea well they made a baby. And my oh my, no matter how much talk Elyssa may have spat out about them making kids with huge foreheads and no hair, the babies they make are really. really. cute. (Not that I took her seriously whatsoever – they’re both blessed with the pretty genes.) BUT I MEAN HONESTLY. LOOK AT THOSE CHUBBY ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO EAT THEM! I’ve never seen such chunky arms! She is a smiley smiley baby who loves when Daddy throws her around and makes her dance on the bed and take off for a lunar landing on the invisible moon. She wears hats with ears on them and has pierced ears that make you want to squeeze her cheeks on the daily.

Miss Teddy

Missy Teddy


My goddaughter and my niece, this baby born in September has graced our world with an adorable presence that I actually cannot get enough of. I love her so much. She came out of the womb smiling and engaging with everyone around her, which makes for some seriously smitten family and friends. She is a baby prodigy. Bath time is her happy place, as is mommy’s booby. She’s gotten to that age where she makes happy noises when she realizes she’s going to eat, and it melts your heart times a million. She smiles SO big and coos and screeches and kicks her little legs so hard when she is happy. Also, I’m not joking, that baby might already be a saint thanks to daily mass with her holy mother and of course a really holy godmother ;), because when she sees the cross she FREAKS OUT AND SCREAMS AND KICKS AND SQUEALS AND SMILES in a way that is actually, truly astounding. She doesn’t do that for anything else, peoples. Only the cross. Not sure you can train a 10 week old to do that.

Baby Agnes

Baby Agnes

Anywho, I hope you enjoy looking at these blue-eyed babies as much as I do. They fill my heart with so much joy and goodness.