by Aubry Rose

You guys. This is super awesome news for many levels of reasons, but today was my first day of work as the Development Director for the Diocese of Duluth! My husband & I have been patiently waiting to see what God had in store for me next, and he finally took the blindfold off our eyes. So guard open your wallet because I’m coming for your money! Cha. Ching.

The Most Reverend Bishop Sirba, in the craziest of plot twists, suffered a concussion and in the midst of his confusion decided to hire me! Just kidding about the concussion but anyways I’m convinced he must have been heavily influenced by incense when he shot the gun & hired Miss Annie Oakley (me.)

Anyways, pray for me, because I have been unemployed far many more days than I have been employed due to all sorts of super fun reasons like getting married and walking the Camino, so the point I’m trying to make is that I’m not really sure how to answer a phone anymore without saying HAYYY!, or do things like send an office memo or tell my secretary how I like my coffee. Just kidding about the secretary making me coffee, but I do have a secretary. Which kind of blows my mind. I’m the BO$$ LADY around these parts!

In all seriousness, pray for my docility to the Holy Spirit because this is God’s domain and not mine. I am a lowly little servant ready to do his bidding, desiring to help his Church thrive, and bring souls closer to Heaven… and throw a super fun party while I’m at it.

This will be a fun adventure! AND I’M SERIOUS ABOUT NEEDING YOUR PRAYERS.