by Aubry Rose

Well, it looks like I’m stuck with him. Ninety days probational period is over. A receipt will no longer get us a refund. Trial period – finito. Punto. My husband is for keeps and for keeps is my husband.

In honor of my hubby and me crossing the 90 day finish line with flying colors, we I decided we should list ten reasons why we’re keeping each other past the point of no return. And I must say I was tickled pink with how our list seemed to mirror each other. Here we go.

Aubry’s reasons she is keeping Maxy Poo:

1. He builds me forts out of blankets when I’m having a bad day.
2. He washes the dishes without fail after every meal
3. He complains not even one ounce of a complaint when I happily agree to take my newborn niece for a couple of hours in the middle of the night so my amazing sister mama can get some shut eye and totally disrupts our sleep when he needs to wake up for work the next morning. In fact, he is so amazing that he rolls over and snuggles the baby
4. He thinks it’s cute when I have gas. Ask my family.. they’d disagree. Starry-eyed lover
5. He really wants my babies and smiles instead of yells every time I buy a baby item for our nonexistent baby child
6. He surprises me with cheese popcorn sometimes
7. He puts up with my Sassiness with a Capital S
8. He lets me pluck his back hairs
9. He thinks everything I cook him is delicious
10. He is the bestest in the whole universe and every part of his being wants to get us both to Heaven

Max’s reasons he is keeping Princess Queen Wife:
10. Having my own personal chef. My belly is happy.
9. I’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at her, from horrible jokes to gas strong enough to choke a grown man, and she’s still willing to kiss me.
8. Someone can finally pull out those hard-to-reach back hairs.
7. She is durable and knows how to suffer well.  She has recently been diagnosed with facial paralysis from what looks like a case of the shingles plus numerous other infections, and offers it all up for family and friends. What a tough cookie!
6. I can be around her for 24 hours a day and still miss her when I go to work.
5. Aubry Haben has superb taste in music. That’s a biggie for me!
4. When you marry a woman, you marry her family, and her family is the bee’s knees.
3.  She keeps the budget and holds me accountable to it. I’ve never been good at handling finances. (Except when she decides to buy every little piece of baby clothing at the thrift store!)
2.  Well how can I say this… she’s extremely fertile.*

So folks, there you have it. We can’t return each other to the store anymore and clearly we’re quite alright with that. Happy 3 months, you hunk.

Photo credit: Mad Chicken Studio

Photo credit: Mad Chicken Studio

*I think I need to clarify as we have already had multiple inquiries… we are not pregnant! Believe me, when we are, our friends and family will know by different means than the blog. I think what he meant is… I am of child-bearing age and we will be someday, God willing. Stay tuned 😉