by Aubry Rose

Friends, family, and total strangers:

Please think about supporting this stranger who I know through a friend who has become like family… hyuk hyuk. But seriously. One of my closest friends in the world happens to have a brother who makes INCREDIBLE honey products. I can attest to it because a jar of it is sitting on my kitchen counter. OH, and their honey-soaked pecans? DON’T EVEN get me started.

Here is the link to East Hill Honey Co’s Kickstarter page. Thomas is hoping to create creamed honey products in order to preserve the product in its purest form. And add flavor essence here and there. Even donating a dinky $25 (well, dinky for you — not for me, I’m on a strict budget) allows you to experience that creamy honey goodness in the future whenever they’re ready to send out some presents.

Please consider donating to his sweet cause! And would you let me know if you do?!

East Hill Honey

The current product in all its sticky glory