by Aubry Rose

It truly amazes me how different our lives can look from one year to the next. Following God’s will is not always easy or comfortable, but my oh my, is it totally and utterly fulfilling and beautiful to the Nth degree. I highly recommend it.

This time last year, I finally met in person a man named Charles Maxwell.

He also happened to be incredibly brave, which won many a brownie point, venturing up to Northern Minnesota to meet me and some 350 of my closest family and friends at my sibling’s wedding. And now, I’m about to marry him. Whoot!

Also, can I just say. God-fearing men are so stinking HAWTT. I can trust my whole being to him, to get me to Heaven, & that’s a characteristic that simply can’t be beat, considering that’s, you know, why we exist. So men, put God first. Your ladies will thank me later.

Happy one year dating anniversary C. Max, the only dating anniversary we will probably ever acknowledge. Because I’m pretty sure a wedding anniversary trumps a dating anniversary.

BTW, ch-ch-check his tunes out, and consider purchasing. No need to hold your applause: