by Aubry Rose

We are one day away from our destination which is.. surreal. It is so strange to think we are literally a small handful of kilometers away, when we started out this equation at t-790. It’s amazing how our bodies have pushed through and carried us! One could describe us as a walking paradox: minds are sad, bodies are exclaiming Hallelujahs to the Heavens.

Oh, and all that talk about how the Camino isn’t a competition and is a beautiful mystical journey? LIES. I swear to you everyone who was walking behind us today eye -challenged this motley crew of 3 to a race. And believe me, they didn’t come out on top. We have had 33 days to perfect our downhill shuffle and open-the-hip stride lengthener. Conclusion: it appears I have a competitive streak.

Santiago de Compostela, we shall meet tomorrow. Whoa.

100 km hug in Portomarin