by Aubry Rose

And so the Camino continues forward.

Our days are getting longer thanks to waking up earlier and pushing some serious physical boundaries, so blogging has been few and far in between. It’s 10 pm and way past my bedtime, as we are waking up at 5 tomorrow morning to meet our 30 km day head on, where we will literally spend the whole day climbing a mountain. Again. Gulp. Pray for us.

But a quick tidbit:

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful and difficult days thus far, walking to Molinaseca from Rabanal. We hiked 27 km straight up and over the highest point of the Camino de Santiago, with steep ups and downs all over the place.

We were surrounded by wildflowers of every kind and staring at snow capped mountains all around us, while getting a serious tan in the sun. It was amazing, and although my knees are suffering some serious cartilage bruising, it was well worth it for the view.

This part of the Camino also walked us up to the famous iron cross, where pilgrims have left notes and mementos for countless years. I brought a little rock from home and decided to forever bless the world with my name. You’re welcome, Planet Earth. May you never forget me now!