by Aubry Rose

This pilgrimage has been an astonishing witness to the power of prayer and obedience, and we’re only a third of the way in. God continues to bless me, even in the midst of my fear and doubt. We are so unworthy!

There have now been multiple instances where God has literally worked miracles in the lives of the family & friends who Mike, Elyssa and I have carried with us in our hearts.

I’ll be honest — there have been plenty of times in my pain and fatigue that I have really questioned why I am doing this pilgrimage. I am unable to see what God is doing above me in the heavens, and I feel small and insignificant, my prayers weak and empty. But God keeps reminding me daily, even without my prompting and demanding, what this journey of faith and trust is truly doing, and for that I am most grateful. It is extremely humbling. He is helping me increase my confidence in Him by the day, which has been one of my greatest prayers on this trip. So praise God.

And welcome to America, Mikey! (Celebratory tequila shots in Burgos for the miraculous arrival of the long-long-long awaited green card)