by Aubry Rose

We did it! First day of the Camino, aka the worst day, has been conquered.

Fun fact: Elyssa and I have named ourselves Honeysuckles (me) and Glamourpuss (her). Somehow that has made the day 400x more hilarious. Loopy giggles commenced at least once an hour. And if you think I enjoy my own jokes, wait until you meet Mike. He enjoys his jokes so much that he takes them about 5 additional jokes too far.

We saw beautiful countryside, have met people from literally all over the world, and walked through an enchanted forest. This is going to be an amazing month.

32k walked, adjusted for incline. Crazy steep, rain and wind up the wazoo, and AWESOME. All I can focus on, except for those intense moments of foot or hip flexor pain, is how amazing it is that we are actually doing this. And what a difference it makes to offer suffering up for the good of someone else. I almost welcomed the rain and wind and uncomfortable decline, knowing it could make a difference in someone’s life. So praise God for that.

Tomorrow is another 27k so thank you for the prayers. Camino go go go!