by Aubry Rose

Happy Easter, my loves. There is one Aubry musing I wish to leave you with during this Easter season — one that highlights Heaven’s generosity.

I was sitting in mass in NYC a couple months ago, and this thought totally blindsided me & struck me to the core. I really struggle to put words to it, and hope I can do it justice. It blew me over like a big ol’ hurricane blowing with some seriously powerful God love.

The idea of Christian gratitude came to mind, and I started to mull over the infinite amount of generosity that God poured out on us through His son on the cross. And as Christians, we constantly say to Jesus, “Thank you. Thank you for Your mercy, Your love, Your kindness, Your selflessness, Your sacrifice..” the list could go on & on. I say it all the time, and I’m sure you do too.

But how often do we sit back and let Jesus say to us, “You’re welcome”..? How often do we kneel in front of Him, totally unworthy of His gift of self, and allow Him to love us so passionately, that the world around us stops and those words fill our ears?

As I sat in mass, I was filled with this absolutely humbling image of Jesus standing in front of me, looking down at me with eyes that pierced directly into my soul, saying those exact words. “You are welcome.” I have never felt so low, so utterly undeserving in my life.

But the truth is that God’s love is so unconditional, that He literally sacrificed His only son to make sure that we were deserving. He does think we are deserving.

…wow. That’s intense, isn’t it? Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Let us now listen, and allow Him to lovingly speak back to us, on the eve of His resurrection…