by Aubry Rose

Today is a big day. Not a teeny one, not a medium one, not an infinitesimal one. Just big. Why? BECAUSE IT’S MY BIG SISTER’S BIRTHDAY!

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to rave about my sister on here. She is the bee’s knees; the cat’s pajamas. Go ahead and argue me, but I have a significant amount of evidence. E.g. she is so full of puns that her belly protrudes on a bad good day. When she smiles, the sun looks dull. She eats every piece of fruit I force feed her, with joy. She cares more about a fly’s happiness than her ego. She is my best friend and soul sister, which is probably the most significant piece of evidence we have, as that is a coveted spot in the universal rank of Aubry friends. She is. A sparkling Heavenly rose.

My sister, Danielle Rose, is a musician with some serious God-given talent. She has opened her life up so completely to God’s will, that nothing of hers is her own anymore. She swipes her credit card and says, “It’s on Jesus!” She receives a compliment and says, “Praise God!” She has a wedding site that refers to: Three are getting married! (Including Jesus.) There is absolutely no way for one to listen to her songs and not be touched by the grace that flows from her lips. I respectfully ask you to please take a gander at her website.


But — I’m not done. There is another reason today is a big day, and I’m not referring to the fact that we’re heading to Disneyland for dinner. No — today her new CD, Culture of Life, is up & live! You can find it both on her website and on iTunes. Search Danielle Rose – Culture of Life. I may or may not make some cameo appearances, channeling all sorts of Aubry personalities and voices (You Matter; Not a Burden; I Love Lifeland.)

So, today, let us give thanks to God for my sister, who has transformed more lives for the better by age 33 than most of the world can claim for a lifetime.