by Aubry Rose

I’ve gots some famous friends, y’all. Including myself. Check it out:

1) Franciscan Friars of the Renewal & our friends from Corazon Puro made an adorable video showcasing women tell their husbands they are pregnant. The Friars deserve their own post so I will be doing that soon, for they have become like family & I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing my brothas are.


2) My friends Josh & John, NYU film graduates, made a video about the March for Life – featuring the Dominican Friars. I may or may not have made a cameo appearance pretending not to notice the chunk of hair in my face while my friend Michael Daly spoke with the wisdom of a seminarian.


3) The other group that has become like family to me in NYC and totally changed my views on homeschooling (translation: I now firmly believe in the beauty that is homeschooling and will most likely definitely fer darn sure teach my own babies) has been this amazing homeschool group of a bajillion Catholic families and kids that are so awesome I want to take part in their festivities.

So, I do. Which is why I went to the March for Life with a group of them, along with the Friars. Some of the young’ns (Anina, Monica, Jackson) were featured in a USA Today article on the March. Pretty cool!