by Aubry Rose

On this fateful day 40 years ago, our nation equipped its selfish citizens with the tools to prematurely dispose of & rob the world of its rightful treasures, treasures that without a doubt would have made us richer today.

Because, as we are all too familiar, treasure only increases in richness with each passing breath of time. As a society, we celebrate & hold on to antique objects (family property, vintage jewelry) to bring more value into our lives, but degrade & deprive ourselves of the priceless subjects in our wombs, the very breaths of new hope & possibility our world’s riches need to be sustained. There is nothing more true than the precious gift found in new life.

So, in honor of some of the precious gems that have made my life far richer than I could have ever imagined, I give you.. Babies (in no particular order):

Baby 1:


My nephew Liam, who has taken to calling me “Abu” and blueberries “boobies.” Try telling me that’s not adorable and hilarious

Baby 2:

My hedgehog Bricconcello, the most snuggly little ball of quills you will ever meet

Babies 3:

A few of the children who have enriched my life so much over the past year in NY. I call this portrait “Date Night of 7 year old homeschool friends & a baby with chubby legs”

Baby 4:

Ryan, whose life has allowed for me to witness a best friend be one of the most beautiful mothers on the planet

Baby 5:

A little one, so perfectly formed, in China Little Flower orphanage (Beijing, May 2012)

And last, but not least, Baby 6:

Random Mongolian child who brings me joy every time I see this picture

Man, I could keep going & going. How could I not, you know? Just think of the people who have brought so much goodness & life into your own life… what if they were never there… how different of a person would you be…

Lord, have mercy on the self-chosen naivete of our country.
Help our lives bear witness to the truth. Amen.

PS happy birthday to our friend Michael Daly, whom I can’t thank enough for the joy he has brought into our lives