by Aubry Rose

Just thinking about how I’m so grateful for the gift of my family.

I always find myself mulling over this mystery of life – how there was such a specific reason I was put in the S. family, in such a precise location on Earth, at such a precise moment in time. It’s really quite amazing to think about, isn’t it? How there is something so perfect and planned about the ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and ‘whos’ in our life?

I think it’s because God wanted my super weird self to be loved in the way my super weird self deserves to be loved. So THANK YOUU, GOD. Because all I can say is my future husband, bless his soul.. he is in for a real adventure, for a rainbow of reasons.

If I could advise anything to you, my Reader, it would be to send a Love note to your family today. Pop it in the mail, just to say “Thank you.” Because God knew that your family had, and still has, the capacity to bring out the absolute best in you, if you allow it. I guess that’s where the whole mystery of love comes into play. We have the potential to be beautifully transformed by our daily, and life-given, circumstances.

That’s all.

PS hi mom! hi dad! hi siblings & co!