by Aubry Rose

I have to share this quote. It is so beautiful, so profound, so dagger-in-the-heart-served-with-a-side-of-loving-truth. A friend shared it the other day (grazie mille Maria), and I truly fell in love with the words. Thank you, Pope Benedict, for sharing with us all your expertise skill of dancing with words & giving us access to some seriously supreme wisdom. He’s like a graceful ballerina with the brain of a genius. And if that doesn’t give you a great visual, I don’t know what will. So, off we dance:

Falling in love, being an emotion, is not eternal. The motion of love must be purified,” he said. “It must undertake a journey of discernment in which the mind and the will also come into play. ..In the rite of marriage the Church does not ask whether you are in love, but whether you want, whether you are resolved. In other words, falling in love must become true love; it must involve the will and the mind in a journey… of purification, of greater profundity, so that it is truly all of man, with all his capacities, with the discernment of reason and the force of will, who says: ‘Yes, this is my life.'”

– Pope Benedict XVI, Milan 2012

I could expand upon this quote for hours, but frankly, I don’t want to; I’m still fighting the flu. So let’s just all say a quick prayer for PB XVI & his beautiful soul instead.

.. Amen.