by Aubry Rose

First of all, I’m seriously touched at the feedback I’m receiving from both friends & strangers on my “blog” (whatta joke.) So thank you!

If I didn’t have a direction with this thing before, I certainly don’t now. But hopefully you can find everything I have to say extremely significant and impressive and ensuing in high hilarity so it won’t even matter.

I apologize for all those who are hoping for a daily faith epiphany moment. Heck, I want a daily faith epiphany moment. However, those are ultimately up to God and I don’t really have a say on when they will head home to my brain.

Anyways, my most recent dose of excitement has arrived in the form of a pink sleeping heart. Aka a pink sleeping bag. That I have fallen hard for. And since I shared it through every other mode of social media I use, then I might as well share it here.

I’m obsessed with my sleeping bag. I played with it last night for an inordinate amount of time, and felt like a 4 year old. It was amazing and I highly recommend it.

So today, I share with you two steps to preparing for the ultimate trip:

Step one: buy yourself a blindingly bright pink sleeping bag to then amuse yourself with and take self timer selfies in to send to all your friends

Step two: Amuse yourself for hours with the absolute hilarity that follows any attempt to take a self timer selfie in the said sleeping heart. Point being – you will fail.



You’re welcome.