by Aubry Rose

I should warn you before this blog takes off that I am a Jesus freak.. in the coolest, hippest, awesomest way possible, of course. And you will be finding it in my posts, I can assure.

In fact, it was only last night that a friend made a joke & texted me #Catholicproblems after our conversation ended. A conversation about what? Getting dinner in the city. Oh yes. #Catholicproblems. That, my darlings, was a serious wake-up call for yours truly. I laid down on my hedgehog print sheets, looked up into the sky ceiling, and sighed to myself.. how freakishly accurate. I’M BLAMING YOU, PRAYER WARRIORS IN MY LIFE: GRANDMA, MOM, SISTER, AWESOME PEOPLE, ETC.

At my ripe old age of 23, my life consists of only the afore-mentioned hashtag.

Let me give you some NYC-themed examples:

1) Long lunch breaks
The average Upper East Side resident: “I just had to check out the Louis Vuitton spring preview at Bloomingdales on 59th, and then got a little too carried away in the fine jewelry.”
Me: I went to daily mass at a Gothic-style cathedral on 65th & Lex, prayed a rosary, and then read all about the saint of the day on Catholic.org (who is my confirmation saint, I might add. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us!)

2) Late Saturday nights
The average young New Yorker: “I got drinks at a trendy new bar that opened in the Lower East Side, and afterwards I met some friends from fashion school to check out an album release after party.”
Me: I made dinner with Catholic friends to talk about a pilgrimage we are taking this summer, then continued on to hang out with Franciscan Friars at a Church & sing harmonies with them during prayer time

3) Can’t afford the insane cost of living in the city
The average New Yorker: “I’m spending too much on my rent for this luxurious studio loft in Tribeca while waiting on my bonus for the end of the year profit share at my consulting firm.”
Me: I work at a nonprofit that barely pays anything and am pinching my pennies to then go get my Master’s degree in Theology

Get the picture? And that’s not even the beginning of it. #Catholicproblems. It’s real. It exists. And it is. my life.